Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) for Reliability and QA Labs

Quartz RE-LIMS: Reliability Laboratory Information Management System

Most Reliability/QA labs use multiple manual and software tools, designed for other purposes, to manage their laboratory workflow and data. Quartz has leveraged the foundation of our successful FA-LIMS system to develop the industry's first LIMS system for Reliability Labs.

Solution to make your Reliability Lab Smarter and Faster

RE-LIMS Project Manager screen
  • Ability to generate qualification plans on the fly.
  • Ability to utilize templates after a qualification plan has been established or generate blank templates.
  • Ability to add or delete job steps.
  • Resource Planning Manager allows you to go into “sandbox” mode and see how the addition or change to one Qual Plan impacts the completion of others before finalizing your changes.
  • All job steps to have results.
  • Ability to pull WIP & results by job step and dates (export option).
  • Ability to have admin screens for various field selections/attributes.
  • Ability to enter data for each job step (by tracking number).
  • Ability to track all dates for each project.
    • Estimated date of completion (Original scheduled date).
    • Forecasted completion (this can change due to change in job steps).
    • Actual completion dates.
    • Metric for OTD to these dates.
  • Generation of Traveler sheets with bar codes for each step.
  • Ability to generate project level status reports (export option).
  • Ability to have attachments at all levels.