Quartz LIMS Process


Quartz delivered the first version of our LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) technology back in 1997. We have continued to add features and functionality as well as improving the process that we use to work with our valuable LIMS customers.

Here is an overview of the typical process that we would go through with you and your colleagues.

  1. Online web meeting(s) demo of Quartz LIMS with time for Q&A.
  2. Quartz LIMS systems have been designed to be highly configurable so the version we deliver to you is specific to your terminology and desired workflow. It is valuable to exchange information to give Quartz an understanding of your lab’s workflow requirements. This could involve demonstrating your current system to Quartz and detailing the improvements you are seeking.
  3. Quartz will provide you with a quotation including a budgetary estimate for configuration of your system based on what we understand as your desired workflow requirements.
  4. Purchase order is submitted to Quartz.
  5. We host a series of web meetings with you to explore and detail your final decisions on how you would like us to configure your Quartz LIMS system. We have been told that we really add value during this process as our goal is to have you get the most out of the power of our LIMS systems and not just map what you are currently doing into our system.
  6. A Software Requirements Specification document is authored by Quartz and agreed upon by both parties. Please see a sample FA-LIMS SRS Table of Contents below. Your SRS could look quite different than this but it will give you sense of the level of detail that is documented. If needed, additional configuration time is ordered.
  7. The Quartz team configures your system and once completed and tested we put your version up on a server for you to test drive it and see if any changes are desired.
  8. The final version is deployed on your server and for FA-LIMS customers the PCI licenses are installed on your instruments and other PCs. It is important to note that the integration of PCI into our server based LIMS software provides value and an increase in productivity that home built or other LIMS system simply can’t deliver.
  9. Watch your level of productivity increase by 20% or more!
  10. Once is has been deployed and used it is quite common for LIMS customers to request ongoing changes.

Sample FA-LIMS Software Requirements Specification (SRS)

1 Revision History 2 Table of Contents 3 Introduction 3.1 Purpose
3.2 Screenshots
3.3 User Classes and Characteristics
4 System Functions
4.1 Home Page
4.2 Job Submission
4.2.1 Analysis Type
4.2.2 Add Job Information
4.2.3 Add Wafers View Estimated Job Time Add a New Wafer Manage Current Wafers Edit Wafer
4.2.4 Add Documents Add New Documents Manage Current Documents
4.2.5 Verify Job Information Job Summary Form Submit a Job Go Back and Edit Job
4.2.6 Cancel Job
4.2.7 Job Finish Job Request Form Submit Another Job Job Details Home Print
4.3 Search
4.3.1 Search Form Detailed Search Form Full Text Search Form Submit the Search Reset the Search
4.3.2 Search Results Job Search Results Results Grid Data Search Results Results Grid Change Grid View Download Documents Change Search Parameters
4.4 Priority Views
4.4.1 Accessibility
4.4.2 Sequencing
4.4.3 Rows
4.4.4 Job List Active Jobs Grid Submitted and Approved Jobs Incomplete Jobs Closed Jobs All Jobs
4.4.5 Sample Site List
4.4.6 FA Queue Job (FA Queue) Sample (FA Queue) Job – Development (FA Queue) Sample – Development (FA Queue)
4.4.7 SEM Queue Job (SEM Queue) Sample (SEM Queue) Job – Development (SEM Queue) Sample – Development (SEM Queue)
4.4.8 TEM Queue Job (TEM Queue) Sample (TEM Queue) Grid Bar (TEM Queue) Imaging Queue (TEM Queue) Job – Development (TEM Queue) Sample – Development (TEM Queue) Imaging Queue – Development (TEM Queue)
4.4.9 ETM Queue Job (ETM Queue) Sample (ETM Queue) Imaging Queue (ETM Queue) Job – Development (ETM Queue) Sample – Development (ETM Queue) Imaging Queue – Development (ETM Queue)
4.4.10 Active Tasks
4.5 Details Pages
4.5.1 Tree View Control
4.5.2 Job Details Information Work Unit Calculations by Analysis Type Actions General Job Actions View Job Request Import MES Data Edit Copy Delete Manage Tasks View Data Actions by Job Status Submitted Incomplete Cancelled Approved In Transit Accepted Assigned In Progress Held Results Results Reviewed Summary Final Review Complete Closed Related Items Wafers Job Tasks Supporting Documents Job Data Reports History
4.5.3 Wafer Details Information Actions Add Wafer Site Clone Manage Tasks Import MES Data Delete Related Items Wafer Sites Wafer Tasks Wafer Data History
4.5.4 Wafer Site Details Information Actions Add Sample Site Print Traveler Manage Tasks Delete Related Items Sample Sites Wafer Site Tasks Wafer Site Data History
4.5.5 Sample Site Details Information Actions Make Wafer Site Delete Related Items Data History
4.5.6 Task Details Information Actions Start Task Hold Resume End Task Launch PCI
4.5.7 Document Details Information Actions Download Advanced Download Delete Related Items Related Data
4.6 Task Manager
4.6.1 Add New Task
4.6.2 Add Task Recipe
4.6.3 Add Predefined Task
4.6.4 Reorder Tasks
4.7 Administration
4.7.1 Info and Logs Server Information Logs View Email Queue Instrument Status
4.7.2 Managers Typical Manager Page App Settings Manager Settings Details Volume Manager Volume Details Instrument Manager Picklist Manager Keyword Manager Predefined Task Manager Task Recipe Manager Security Managers User Manager User Details Role Manager Group Manager Template Manager Estimated Time Manager Recipe Manager Prep Type Manager Stain Manager SEM Coat Manager Wafer Site Type Manager Materials Analysis Manager Availability Manager Priority Manager
4.7.3 Management Reporting Timing Parameters General Data Export Form Report Job Export Wafer Export Wafer Site Export Sample Site Export Task Export Session Export Image Export Key Performance Indicators Report Form Report Tool Utilization Form Report Case Loading Form Report Chart Manager Navigation Panel Chart Tab Grid Tab Editor Tab Series Editor Filter Function Dashboard Publisher Dashboard Format Dashboard
4.7.4 Utilities Picklist Utility Export All Picklist Values to a CSV File Import Picklist Values from a CSV File Confirm Data Overwrite Existing Picklists
4.8 Email
4.8.1 Email Application Settings
4.8.2 Email Body and Subject Codes
4.8.3 Special Email Settings
4.9 Security
4.9.1 System Login
4.9.2 Initial Security Configuration
4.9.3 Access Rights View Job Data View Job Supporting Documents View Released Job Data View Job Reports View Preliminary Job Reports
4.10 PCI and Send To
4.11 External System Access
5 General Information 5.1 Browsable Fields
5.2 Grid Columns
5.3 Barcode Scanning
5.4 Date Range Selection Control
5.5 List Navigation
5.6 Export to Excel
5.7 Pop-up Windows
6 Appendix 6.1 Internal DB #1
6.2 Quartz PCI Integration
6.3 Custom Calculations
6.3.1 Work Units
6.3.2 Cycle Time Target
6.3.3 Date Time Due
6.3.4 Analyst Performance Metric